Dr. Chris Anderson

Studying in the field of mycology (fungi), Chris’ professional career has focused on plant pathogens and biosecurity. Chris has worked closely with MEF and conducted a number of scientific trials with SoilCQuest. 

Jack Farthing

Jack runs a sheep property, along with his mother Marg. They specialise in best-practice grazing techniques to build overall soil health. Jack studied environmental sciences at Berkeley University, going on to work for Apple before returning to take over the family farm

Dr. Chandra Iyer

As a microbiologist and the founder of Green Microbes Australia, Chandra has studied beneficial human-microbe relations across a number of different industries. He has developed an innovative way to produce nitrogen-fixing bacteria that is less reliant on natural resources for the agricultural industry.

Mick Wettenhall

Mick is a farmer renowned for his innovative techniques to foster soil health and the sustainability of his land.  As a global thinker, Mick is a pioneer in commercial trial-work and sees how on-farm practices interact with food security and climate change.

Jonathon Quigley

Jonathon has extensive experience in global finance and has been investing in new technology for over a decade. He is an investment partner with Sparklabs Cultiv8; an agtech accelerator and research facility.


Peter researched soil science for more than 30 years, The emphasis of his research was to develop an understanding of how soil carbon is increased in soils. His work led to the discovery of strains of fungi that facilitate rapid carbon sequestration.

Ass. Prof. Peter McGee

Mark Shortis

Mark has dedicated his career to regenerative agriculture practices. He has been involved with Landcare organisations for many years. His current project centres on rehabilitating degraded landscapes with conservation farming practices. 

Guy Webb

Guy, an industry leader in the development of microbial products for broadacre agriculture has launched the not-for-profit organisation SoilCQuest, to take the technology from research stage, to roll-out to farmers across the world.


Soil C Quest team


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