Frank Oly


Originally from Holland, Frank moved to Australia in 2015. He left behind a career in television, embarking on a farming adventure, only to have it lead him back to the medium to tell one of the most important stories he has come across to date.


On filming ‘Grassroots’:

“After having shot a number of scenes, I encountered an interesting dilemma. I realised I was on to a great story, and following the process for another six months or a year would probably make for a great feature-length film. On the other hand: I thought it was important to get the story out there as quickly as possible. I opted for the latter and decided to make it into a short documentary. I’m hoping it will help spread this important piece of knowledge and make people aware of this immense opportunity.”

Tegan Nock


With a training in sciences and a background in farming, Tegan is an advocate for sustainable agriculture. She pioneers a science-based discussion around, often contentious, issues relating to agriculture, food and technology.


Tegan on filming ‘Grassroots’:

“Farmers have a huge potential to make positive change. They manage a large proportion of our planet, and this story is a great example of how farmers can be at the forefront of the battle against climate change. I was immediately drawn to the story because it gives an insight into the fascinating world of soil microbiology.”


Soil C Quest team

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